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双色球摇奖现场:Free Agent Tracker

Player NamePosition Old Team New Team Points Per GameAssists Per GameRebounds Per Game Age ExperienceFree Agency Type News
Acy, QuincyQ. AcyFBKN---50.63.5286yrs YearsUFA ---
Afflalo, ArronA. AfflaloGORL--- YearsUFA ---
Anderson, KyleK. AndersonFSAS--- YearsRFA ---
Anthony, CarmeloC. AnthonyFOKCOKC24.136.53415yrs YearsUFA***Anthony opts in, will return
Arcidiacono, RyanR. ArcidiaconoGCHI------------241yr YearsRFA^ ---
Ariza, TrevorT. ArizaF-GHOU--- YearsUFAReports: Ariza goes to Suns
Arthur, DarrellD. ArthurFDENDEN6.50.83.5309yrs YearsUFA*Arthur exercises option
Artis, JamelJ. ArtisGORL------------251yr YearsUFA^ ---
Babbitt, LukeL. BabbittFMIA--- YearsUFA ---
Baker, RonR. BakerGNYKNYK3.51.91.6253yrs YearsRFA*Baker exercises option
Barton, WillW. BartonF-GDEN--- YearsUFAReport: Barton staying put
Baynes, AronA. BaynesCBOS--- YearsUFAReport: Baynes stays with Celtics
Beasley, MichaelM. BeasleyFNYK--- YearsUFA ---
Belinelli, MarcoM. BelinelliF-GPHI---9.91.723211yrs YearsUFAReports: Belinelli reunites with Spurs
Bertans, DavisD. BertansF-CSAS--- YearsRFABertans gets qualifying offer
Bird, JabariJ. BirdGBOS---30.61.5241yr YearsRFA^ ---
Bjelica, NemanjaN. BjelicaFMIN--- YearsRFAReports: Sixers, Bjelica reach deal
Black, TarikT. BlackF-CHOU--- YearsUFA ---
Booker, TrevorT. BookerFIND--- YearsUFAReports: Jazz, Pelicans among suitors
Bradley, AveryA. BradleyGLAC---12.31.73288yrs YearsUFAReports: Bradley returning to Clippers
Brewer, CoreyC. BrewerF-GOKC--- YearsUFA ---
Brooks, AaronA. BrooksGMIN---9.731.73310yrs YearsUFA ---
Brown, AnthonyA. BrownFMIN--- YearsUFA^ ---
Brown, MarkelM. BrownGHOU--- YearsRFA^ ---
Brown, LorenzoL. BrownGTOR---3.121.6284yrs YearsUFA ---
Caboclo, BrunoB. CabocloFSAC---1.50.31234yrs YearsUFANo qualifying offer for Caboclo
Calderon, JoseJ. CalderonGCLE--- YearsUFAReport: Calderon to Detroit
Caldwell-Pope, KentaviousK. Caldwell-PopeGLAL---121.73.4255yrs YearsUFAReports: Back to LA
Capela, ClintC. CapelaCHOU--- YearsRFAReport: Capela to meet with Lakers
Carter, VinceV. CarterF-GSAC--- YearsUFA ---
Carter-Williams, MichaelM. Carter-WilliamsGCHA--- YearsUFAReports: Carter-Williams, Houston have deal
Casspi, OmriO. CasspiFGSW------------309yrs YearsUFAReport: Casspi heads to Memphis
Cavanaugh, TylerT. CavanaughFATL--- YearsUFA ---
Chalmers, MarioM. ChalmersGMEM--- YearsUFA ---
Chandler, WilsonW. ChandlerFDENDEN13.51.85.43110yrs YearsUFA*Chandler opts in
Clark, IanI. ClarkGNOP--- YearsUFA ---
Collison, NickN. CollisonF-COKC---5.915.23814yrs YearsUFACollison retires after 15 seasons
Connaughton, PatP. ConnaughtonF-GPOR--- YearsUFANo qualifying offer for Connaughton
Cooke, CharlesC. CookeGNOP------------241yr YearsUFA^ ---
Cooley, JackJ. CooleyCSAC------------272yrs YearsUFA^ ---
Costello, MattM. CostelloF-CSAS---10.52.3251yr YearsUFA^ ---
Cousins, DeMarcusD. CousinsCNOP---21.53.211288yrs YearsUFAReports: Warriors land Cousins
Craig, TorreyT. CraigF-GDEN--- YearsRFA^ ---
Crawford, JordanJ. CrawfordGNOP--- YearsUFA ---
Crawford, JamalJ. CrawfordGMIN---153.42.33818yrs YearsUFA*Report: Sixers showing interest
Cunningham, DanteD. CunninghamFBKN--- YearsUFA ---
Curry, SethS. CurryGDAL--- YearsUFAReports: Seth Curry to join Blazers
Davis, EdE. DavisF-CPOR--- YearsUFAReports: Davis heading to Nets
Dedmon, DewayneD. DedmonCATLATL5.50.65.7295yrs YearsUFA*Dedmon exercises option
Delaney, MalcolmM. DelaneyGATL--- YearsUFANo qualifying offer for Delaney
Doyle, MiltonM. DoyleGBKN------------251yr YearsRFA^ ---
Dozier, PJP. DozierGOKC---100.5221yr YearsUFA^ ---
Durant, KevinK. DurantFGSW--- YearsUFA*Durant to sign 2-year deal
Ellington, WayneW. EllingtonGMIA---81.12.2319yrs YearsUFA ---
Ennis, TylerT. EnnisGLAL--- YearsUFALakers waive Ennis
Ennis III, JamesJ. Ennis IIIFDET--- YearsUFA ---
Evans, TyrekeT. EvansF-GMEM--- YearsUFAReports: Pacers nab Evans
Exum, DanteD. ExumGUTA--- YearsRFAReports: Exum staying in Utah
Favors, DerrickD. FavorsF-CUTA--- YearsUFAReports: Favors, Jazz reach deal
Felder, KayK. FelderGDET---3.81.31232yrs YearsUFA^ ---
Felton, RaymondR. FeltonGOKC---11.45.433413yrs YearsUFAReport: Felton to re-sign in OKC
Ferrell, YogiY. FerrellGDAL--- YearsRFAMavs extend qualifying offer
Forbes, BrynB. ForbesGSAS--- YearsRFASpurs give Forbes qualifying offer
Frazier, TimT. FrazierGWAS---5.242.3284yrs YearsUFA ---
Frye, ChanningC. FryeFLAL---914.63512yrs YearsUFA ---
Gay, RudyR. GayFSAS--- YearsUFA*Reports: Gay returns to Spurs
George, PaulP. GeorgeFOKC--- YearsUFA*George says he's staying put
Georges-Hunt, MarcusM. Georges-HuntGMIN--- YearsUFAGeorges-Hunt doesn't get qualifying offer
Gibson, JonathanJ. GibsonGBOS--- YearsUFAGibson an unrestricted free agent
Gordon, AaronA. GordonFORL--- YearsRFAReports: Gordon to stay put
Graham, TreveonT. GrahamF-GCHA--- YearsUFANo qualifying offer for Graham
Grant, JeramiJ. GrantFOKC---7.513.6244yrs YearsUFAReports: Grant staying in OKC
Green, JeffJ. GreenFCLE--- YearsUFAReports: Green to join Wizards
Green, GeraldG. GreenF-GHOU---9.812.53211yrs YearsUFAReports: Green staying home
Green, DannyD. GreenF-GSASSAS8.81.63.4319yrs YearsUFA*Green opts in
Hamilton, DanielD. HamiltonGOKC---21.30.8231yr YearsUFA^ ---
Harrell, MontrezlM. HarrellF-CLAC--- YearsRFAReport: Clippers want to keep Harrell
Harris, DevinD. HarrisGDEN--- YearsUFA ---
Harris, JoeJ. HarrisF-GBKN--- YearsUFAReport: Harris to stay with Nets
Harrison, AaronA. HarrisonGDAL--- YearsUFANo qualifying offer for Harrison
Haslem, UdonisU. HaslemFMIA--- YearsUFAHaslem open to playing overseas
Hezonja, MarioM. HezonjaF-GORL--- YearsUFAHezonja headed to Knicks
Hicks, IsaiahI. HicksFNYK------------241yr YearsRFA^ ---
Hilliard, DarrunD. HilliardGSAS--- YearsRFA^ ---
Holmes, RichaunR. HolmesF-CPHIPHI7.414.2253yrs YearsRFA**Sixers pick up Holmes' option
Hood, RodneyR. HoodGCLE---1323264yrs YearsRFAHood gets qualifying offer
House, DanuelD. HouseF-GPHX------------252yrs YearsUFA^ ---
Huestis, JoshJ. HuestisGOKC--- YearsUFA ---
Ilyasova, ErsanE. IlyasovaFPHI---111.25.93110yrs YearsUFAReport: Ilyasova to return to Bucks
Ingram, AndreA. IngramGLAL---123.53331yr YearsUFAIngram doesn't get qualifying offer
Jack, JarrettJ. JackGNYK--- YearsUFA ---
Jackson, AaronA. JacksonGHOUHOU813321yr YearsRFA**Rockets pick up Jackson's option
Jackson, DemetriusD. JacksonGPHI------------242yrs YearsUFA^ ---
James, LeBronL. JamesF-GCLE--- YearsUFA*Reports: James headed to Lakers
Jefferson, RichardR. JeffersonFDEN---12.6243817yrs YearsUFA ---
Jefferson, AmileA. JeffersonFMIN------------251yr YearsUFANo qualifying offer for Jefferson
Johnson, AmirA. JohnsonF-CPHI--- YearsUFAReport: Johnson, Sixers agree to deal
Johnson, JoeJ. JohnsonF-GHOU---163.943717yrs YearsUFA ---
Johnson, WesleyW. JohnsonF-GLACLAC7.21.13.2319yrs YearsUFA*Johnson exercises option
Jokic, NikolaN. JokicCDEN--- YearsRFA**Report: Jokic, Nuggets eye deal
Jones Jr., DerrickD. Jones Jr.F-GMIA------------212yrs YearsRFA^ ---
Jordan, DeAndreD. JordanCLAC---9.40.710.73010yrs YearsUFA*Reports: Jordan, Mavs reach deal
Joseph, CoryC. JosephGINDIND72.62.4278yrs YearsUFA*Joseph exercises option
Kanter, EnesE. KanterCNYKNYK11.70.77.3267yrs YearsUFA*Kanter opts in
Kornet, LukeL. KornetF-CNYK--- YearsRFA^Report: Kornet staying with Knicks
Koufos, KostaK. KoufosCSACSAC5.80.55.12911yrs YearsUFA*Koufos exercises option
Larkin, ShaneS. LarkinGBOS--- YearsUFA ---
Lauvergne, JoffreyJ. LauvergneCSAS--- YearsUFA*Lauvergne declines player option
LaVine, ZachZ. LaVineGCHI---143.23234yrs YearsRFAReports: Kings, Hawks eye guard
Lawson, TyT. LawsonGWAS---12.762.7319yrs YearsUFA ---
Lee, DamionD. LeeGATL--- YearsUFANo qualifying offer for Lee
Len, AlexA. LenCPHX--- YearsUFAReport: Suns won't re-sign Payton
Looney, KevonK. LooneyFGSW--- YearsUFAReports: Looney to re-sign
Lopez, BrookB. LopezCLAL--- YearsUFA ---
Mack, ShelvinS. MackGORL---6.43.12288yrs YearsUFAMagic waive veteran Mack
Magette, JoshJ. MagetteGATL--- YearsUFA^ ---
Matthews, WesleyW. MatthewsF-GDALDAL13.82.23.2329yrs YearsUFA*Matthews opts in with Mavs
Mbah a Moute, LucL. Mbah a MouteFHOU--- YearsUFA ---
McCaw, PatrickP. McCawGGSW---41.21.4232yrs YearsRFAWarriors tender offer
McConnell, T.J.T. McConnellGPHIPHI6.45.13.1263yrs YearsRFA**Sixers stick with McConnell
McCree, ErikE. McCreeFUTA---000.3251yr YearsUFA^ ---
McCullough, ChrisC. McCulloughFWAS------------233yrs YearsUFA ---
McDermott, DougD. McDermottFDAL--- YearsUFAReports: McDermott to Indiana
McGee, JaValeJ. McGeeCGSW--- YearsUFAReports: McGee joining Laker migration
Meeks, JodieJ. MeeksGWASWAS9.31.12.1319yrs YearsUFA*Meeks exercises option
Mejri, SalahS. MejriCDAL---3.30.44323yrs YearsUFAReport: Mejri returning to Mavs
Mickey, JordanJ. MickeyF-CMIA---2.40.32243yrs YearsUFAHeat decline Mickey's option
Miller, MalcolmM. MillerFTOR------------251yr YearsRFA^ ---
Mirotic, NikolaN. MiroticFNOPNOP11.81.35.7274yrs YearsUFA**Pelicans keep Mirotic in fold
Monroe, GregG. MonroeF-CBOS--- YearsUFA ---
Moore, BenB. MooreFIND---00.50.5231yr YearsUFA^ ---
Muhammad, ShabazzS. MuhammadF-GMIL---90.52.8265yrs YearsUFA ---
Munford, XavierX. MunfordGMIL--- YearsRFA^ ---
Muscala, MikeM. MuscalaF-CATLATL5.40.93.1275yrs YearsUFA*Muscala opts in
Napier, ShabazzS. NapierGPOR--- YearsUFANo qualifying offer for Napier
Nelson, JameerJ. NelsonGDET---11.35.133614yrs YearsUFA ---
Neto, RaulR. NetoGUTA--- YearsRFAReports: Neto, Jazz reach deal
Niang, GeorgesG. NiangFUTA--- YearsRFA^ ---
Noel, NerlensN. NoelCDAL--- YearsUFAReports: Thunder, Noel reach deal
Nogueira, LucasL. NogueiraCTOR--- YearsUFANoguiera enters unrestricted free agency
Nowitzki, DirkD. NowitzkiF-CDAL--- YearsUFAReport: Mavs to sign Dirk with remaining cap space
Nurkic, JusufJ. NurkicCPOR--- YearsRFANurkic gets qualifying offer
Nwaba, DavidD. NwabaFCHI--- YearsRFABulls give Nwaba qualifying offer
O'Quinn, KyleK. O'QuinnF-CNYK--- YearsUFA*O'Quinn declines option
Okafor, JahlilJ. OkaforCBKN---12.915.3233yrs YearsUFA ---
Pachulia, ZazaZ. PachuliaCGSW--- YearsUFA ---
Paige, MarcusM. PaigeGCHA--- YearsUFAPaige's option declined
Parker, TonyT. ParkerGSAS--- YearsUFA ---
Parker, JabariJ. ParkerFMIL---15.325.5234yrs YearsRFABucks give Parker qualifying offer
Paul, ChrisC. PaulGHOU--- YearsUFAReports: Paul re-sign for 4 years
Payton, ElfridE. PaytonGPHX--- YearsUFAReports: Payton headed home to New Orleans
Payton II, GaryG. Payton IIGLAL--- YearsUFA^ ---
Perkins, KendrickK. PerkinsCCLE---5.415.83414yrs YearsUFAReport: Cavs pick up Perkins' option
Perrantes, LondonL. PerrantesGCLE------------231yr YearsUFA ---
Peters, AlecA. PetersFPHX------------231yr YearsUFA^ ---
Plumlee, MarshallM. PlumleeCMIL--- YearsRFA^ ---
Quarterman, TimT. QuartermanGHOU------------232yrs YearsUFA ---
Randle, JuliusJ. RandleF-CLAL--- YearsRFAReports: Randle to join Pelicans
Redick, JJJ. RedickF-GPHI---12.4223412yrs YearsUFAReports: Redick to stay with 76ers
Rivers, AustinA. RiversGLACWAS9.42.42266yrs YearsUFA*Rivers exercises option prior to trade
Robinson III, GlennG. Robinson IIIF-GIND--- YearsUFAReports: Robinson III, Pistons reach deal
Rondo, RajonR. RondoGNOP--- YearsUFAReports: Lakers to add Rondo
Rose, DerrickD. RoseGMIN--- YearsUFAReports: Rose, Wolves reach deal
Sampson, JaKarrJ. SampsonFSAC--- YearsRFA^ ---
Scott, MikeM. ScottFWAS---7.40.93306yrs YearsUFAReport: Scott heading to Clippers
Sessions, RamonR. SessionsGWAS--- YearsUFA ---
Shumpert, ImanI. ShumpertGSACSAC7.31.93.4287yrs YearsUFA*Shumpert exercises option
Smart, MarcusM. SmartGBOS--- YearsRFASmart gets qualifying offer
Smith, JasonJ. SmithF-CWASWAS6.20.73.43210yrs YearsUFA*Smith opts in with Wizards
Speights, MarreeseM. SpeightsF-CORL--- YearsUFA ---
Stauskas, NikN. StauskasGBKN---71.62.1254yrs YearsUFAReports: Stauskas to Blazers
Stephenson, LanceL. StephensonGIND---8.834.3288yrs YearsUFAReports: Stephenson to team up with LeBron
Temple, GarrettG. TempleF-GSACSAC5.51.72328yrs YearsUFA*Temple exercises option
Teodosic, MilosM. TeodosicGLACLAC9.54.62.8311yr YearsRFA*Teodosic opts in with Clippers
Terry, JasonJ. TerryGMIL--- YearsUFA ---
Thomas, IsaiahI. ThomasGLAL--- YearsUFA ---
Tolliver, AnthonyA. TolliverFDET--- YearsUFAReport: Tolliver heads to Minnesota
VanVleet, FredF. VanVleetGTOR---6.82.52242yrs YearsRFAReports: VanVleet returning to Raptors
Vonleh, NoahN. VonlehFCHI--- YearsUFAVonleh doesn't get qualifying offer
Wade, DwyaneD. WadeGMIA--- YearsUFAWade wants to stay with Heat
Wallace, TyroneT. WallaceGLAC--- YearsRFA^ ---
Walton Jr., DerrickD. Walton Jr.GMIA---1.811231yr YearsRFA^ ---
Wear, TravisT. WearFLAL---40.72.1282yrs YearsRFANo qualifying offer for Wear
Webb III, JamesJ. Webb IIIFBKN------------251yr YearsUFA^ ---
West, DavidD. WestFGSW--- YearsUFA ---
White III, AndrewA. White IIIFATL------------251yr YearsUFA^ ---
Wilcox, CJC. WilcoxGPOR------------284yrs YearsUFA^ ---
Young, JamesJ. YoungGPHI------------224yrs YearsUFA ---
Young, NickN. YoungF-GGSW---11.4123311yrs YearsUFA ---
Young, JoeJ. YoungGIND---3.40.91263yrs YearsUFAPacers decline Young's option
Young, ThaddeusT. YoungFINDIND13.41.65.93011yrs YearsUFA*Young opts into contract
  • UFA = Unrestricted Free Agent
  • RFA = Restricted Free Agent
  • " * " = Player Option
  • " ** " = Team Option
  • " *** " = Early Termination Option
  • " ^ " = Two-Way Free Agent

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